Beautiful Pastels and Glitter – The Sweet Talk Collection by Rainbow Honey. Review and Swatches.

Soft powdery pastels are the most feminine and romantic colors to welcome and embrace the Spring season. So for this year’s Easter holidays (and first days of Spring) I decided to not only dye some eggs, but paint my nails in some nice pastel colors as well.

Rainbow Honey was founded 2012 in New Jersey and not long ago I discovered them on It was love at first sight! Absolutely mesmerized by their beautiful pastel glitter nail polishes, I ordered two sets. Not only intrigued by their unique shades and glitters, I had also decided to try out some more independent makeup brands. It also appealed to me that Rainbow Honey’s nail polishes are free of “the big 3” (Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate) and that their ingredients are not tested on animals. Here is part 1 of my Rainbow Honey review.

Shade Description:

The small set from the Sweet Talk Collection by Rainbow Honey I received, consists of three shades (each a full sized bottle of 15 ml/.5 fl oz). The top coat used all swatches below is Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri.

Be Mine – A warm pink with micro shimmer and tiny gold flecks that are only noticeable in direct light (very subtle).

Sweet Talk – A creamy white jelly base with matte pastel glitter (medium-sized hexagon glitters and small round glitters; they all come in matte pastel shades of purple, reddish pink and mint). This shade also contains micro shimmer but it is barely noticeable.

XOXO – A clear base with pink, purple and white hexagon glitters of small and medium size which can be used as a topcoat or worn alone. This shade also contains silver and gold micro shimmer. In the first picture below I used XOXO on top of a neutral shade (Ulta’s Freshwater Pearl). 


The Sweet Talk Collection features soft powdery pastel shades and pinks with and without glitter. The pink of Be Mine is warm toned especially because of the golden micro shimmer in it. Pastel colors (the lighter ones) generally look good on fair complexions. While that does make a noticeable difference with eyeshadow colors, I don’t think it’s that important on nails. I see these colors working on every skin tone just match it with the colors and style of your outfit.


All skin tones/complexions. Vegan and 3-free, for more information on ingredients visit their website.


I have found the application of the nail polish rather difficult at first due to the gloopy formula. It reminded me a lot of thick milky glue. On the other hand, this actually prevented the color from streaking, because it seemed to just run together, filling up any gaps that might have caused streaks with other nail polishes. I have seen this with other formulas before that weren’t gloopy or thick at all though. However, it was unusual because I have never experienced a formula like this before, but I don’t mind. It’s not that big a deal and the colors and unique glitters they offer are very beautiful. The polishes lasted about 4 days before they started to show some tip wear and cracking at the corners of my index and middle finger. I have been doing some serious Spring cleaning with rubber gloves on the day after application, which didn’t have any effect (no rubbing off even with gloves). Nothing extraordinary when it comes to wear, but not at all bad either.

Rating and Recommendation: B+

Would I recommend the Sweet Talk Collection by Rainbow Honey? Absolutely.

The shades or better, their glitters, are so beautiful and unlike anything I’ve seen before by other brands.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

And thank you for reading!



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