Confetti, Sparks and Golden Rays – The Glitter Toppers Set by Rainbow Honey. Review and Swatches.

Granted, it took me quite some time to get used to that nail art trend that has been going on for quite a while now. I used to be more into nude or classic colors and looks. Not long ago I would have refused wearing red either on my lips or nails. Luckily, I was soon convinced by a video tutorial of one of my most favorite makeup artists, Lisa Eldridge, to try out the orange lip trend and from there I went on. Isn’t a red lip a classic, and if applied right – classy look after all?

So, now I readily admit, that I really love a pop of color whether it’s on my face or on my nails. I just think all these bright colors and different textures are fun to wear. Colorful. Bold. Edgy. An instant mood booster!

One of my favorite brands when it comes to glittery nail polishes would definitely have to be Rainbow Honey. Their selection of quirky and unique glitter nail polishes is just absolutely adorable. So here is part 2 of my review on my recent Rainbow Honey order.

Shade Description:

This set features five glitter nail polishes, which are supposed to be worn on top of your nail color of choice. The bottles are 4 ml/.125 fl oz each. The top coat in all swatches is Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri.

The God of Destiny – A clear base packed with small black round glitters that have an iridescent shine (purple, gold, blue, pink, orange). Also some medium sized hexagon glitters that have the same iridescent effect. They recommend to layer this on top of dark colors. I think this top coat would be ideal for a galaxy nails look. In the pictures: two coats worn over Ulta’s Snow White.

Frozen Flame – A clear base with small round glitters and small bars that both have a similar iridescent, rainbow kind of effect like in The God of Destiny only with a light base instead of black. I could detect the colors blue, orange, green, yellow/gold, purple, silver. Nice contrast of blues and orange-yellow colors like indicated by the name. Also good amount of glitter. Two coats worn over Revlon’s Crystal Glow.

XOXO – A clear base with pink, purple and white hexagon glitters of small and medium size. This shade also contains silver and gold micro shimmer and is nicely saturated with glitter particles. Can be worn over any color, I prefer soft pink colors and pastels. Two coats worn over Ulta’s Freshwater Pearl.

The Worst Possible Thing – A clear base with rainbow colored micro shimmer, small round and medium sized hexagon glitters . Purple and blue are the dominant colors here but the glitters also have an iridescent rainbow effect making this top coat looking like a light blue-lavender crushed gem with tiny pieces of pink, orange and green. I was really impressed with this one. It is one of my favorites in this collection. Two coats worn over Sally Hansen’s Blizzard Blue.

Yoshimi – A clear base with iridescent rainbow micro shimmer (as seen in The Worst Possible Thing) and small and medium sized square shaped particles that are matte black and white. The overall black and white color theme and the matte finish gives this top coat a very modern, geometric kind of look. I was surprised how much I liked it once applied. In the bottle it looked not as spectacular as the more colored ones like The Worst Possible Thing and Frozen Flame but on the nail it really gives your manicure an unexpected modern twist. Another favorite of mine. Two coats worn over NYC’s Tudor City Teal.


Each of the glitter toppers delivers a good amount of different sized glitters in a clear base. Due to the different colors of the glitters, their overall “tint” appears black (The God of Destiny), black and white (Yoshimi), light lavender-blue (The Worst Possible Thing), pink (XOXO) and contrasting orange/yellow-blue (Frozen Flame) always with a subtle rainbow micro shimmer. Very interesting and diverse color range in each glitter topper which is rare to find in most brands (drugstore or high end).


All skin tones/complexions. Vegan and 3-free, for more information on ingredients visit their website.


Application was easy due to the high concentration of glitter. I used two coats in these pictures, but if you prefer a more subtle finish you can easily get away with one coat and still have a decent amount of glitter pieces. As with most glitter polishes, the best way to apply them, is by dabbing the polish on and moving the glitter around while the coat is still wet. This way the glitter spreads evenly. They lasted around 4 days before they started to chip around the edges. Dry time was rather short too. So far these are glitter top coats that are rather easy to work with.

Rating and Recommendation: A

  • A decent amount of glitter in different colors, shapes and finishes.
  • Unlike many “cheaper” glitter nail polishes, these offer a big variety of different shapes and sizes (I’ve found that many glitter polishes don’t seem to offer that. Especially when I think of dupes, the drugstore choices often seem to lack a certain variety and diversity, i.e. the dupes for Illamasqua’s speckled pastel shades often have no more than one size of glitter or particle). I’m also a big fan of matte finishes and square pieces. Their newest collection features triangles.
  • Unique glitters, nice colors, very good glitter dispersion and short dry time –  absolutely recommend.

Have you tried any of the Rainbow Honey polishes? If so, how did you like them? Next, I’d love to try out another indie brand that is known for their unique glitters as well – Lynnderella. From the pictures I’ve seen so far on the internet – they look amazing!

Have a nice weekend!

And as always – thanks for reading.



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