My precious. Cocoa Delights – Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Review and Swatches.

I am very delighted to present to you: The Chocolate Bar Palette by Too Faced. My favorite eyeshadow palette so far. This palette was another birthday gift I received (along with Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette). I had to be very patient since I’ve been eyeing it for such a long time already.

What made me want to have it, were both the excellent reviews and the colors or, the variety of colors, so to speak. The chocolate bar packaging and the fact, that these eyeshadows contain anti-oxidant cocoa and therefore smell like chocolate, are both nice gimmicks but nothing I really cared for.

What makes this my favorite, is the quality of the product itself (nice pigmentation, variety of wearable yet different enough(!) colors and very little fallout, while still having a pleasant texture you can easily work with – without over blending it!). Love, love, love it.

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Packaging and Shade Description:

The Chocolate Bar Palette comes in a tin case that looks just like a real chocolate bar. The case has magnets on one side to close the lid and it keeps it closed well. I got the improved version that is not as chunky as its predecessor. It doesn’t come with any extras like a brush or primer samples, but it contained a little booklet with 3 looks to recreate.

It features 14 eyeshadows each 0.95 g/0.03 Oz (Total Net Wt. is 13.3 g/0.42 Oz) and 2 bigger pans with 2 highlighter eyeshadows that can also be used as base color (each 2.8 g/0.10 Oz, Total Net Wt. is 5.6 g/0.20 Oz) for a retail prize of $49. The colors have different finishes and are cruelty-free.

Swatches of all 16 shades of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette in indoor lighting (move cursor over pictures or click click to see full size):

Gilded Ganache

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Gilded Ganache. (©

1. Gilded Ganache – A warm dark matte brown shade with olive undertones and golden bronze glitter. In the pan it appears like a metallic olive, but when you swatch it, it’s more of a dark brown shade. The texture is on the drier side due to the amount of glitter, but the shade is very pigmented. Overall, it still has a very good texture for a glittery shade and it is easy to blend and stays on. Interesting shade as well.

White Chocolate

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – White Chocolate. (©

2. White Chocolate – Comes in one of the two larger pans and you can use it both as a base allover or as a highlighter shade. It is a warm beige with a matte finish. Very good pigmentation and easy to blend; nice creamy texture.

Milk Chocolate

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Milk Chocolate. (©

3. Milk Chocolate – There is not a better name for this shade. It is a warm light to medium chocolate brown with a matte finish. Soft texture, easy to blend and stays on well. Ideal to blend out other colors and to wear in the crease for contouring.

Black Forest Truffle

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Black Forest Truffle. (©

4. Black Forest Truffle – One of the more unique and interesting colors in this palette. It’s a dark burgundy shade with brown undertones and burgundy and bronze glitter. It’s hard to say if this shade is mostly warm or cool, but in my opinion it’s neutral to warm due to the bronze glitter. It is not as pigmented as the other shades and compared to the first one, Gilded Ganache, it is not as opaque. It still has enough color payoff to build and it is easy to blend. Plus, it’s a really unique color in a sense, that it differs from the usual nude color selection you get with these kinds of palettes.

Triple Fudge

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Triple Fudge. (©

5. Triple Fudge – A very dark neutral brown with a matte finish. The texture is a bit drier and it’s not as pigmented as the other colors, but you can easily build it. Even though it is a bit drier, I still found it easy to work with. I also just use it to darken the crease. You could also use it along the lash line.

Salted Caramel

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Salted Caramel. (©

6. Salted Caramel – Another very interesting color and ideal to use in the crease for shading and also blending other colors. Salted caramel is a warm light caramel colored sort of brown with orange undertones. It is matte and has the softest texture of all the shades, I would say. The pigmentation is good and it’s easy to blend, but has a little fallout and feels a bit powdery due to its softness. Very unique color as well and probably the most used color in this palette since it’s ideal for contouring the crease and blending out other colors.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Marzipan. (©

7. Marzipan – Another favorite (I have so many in this palette). While not as special as other colors in this palette, it is nonetheless beautiful. Marzipan is a warm toned light champagne color with pinky peach undertones and a shiny metallic, almost frosted finish. Normally, I don’t like frosted colors but this one is very subtle, more shiny than frosted and since it has a warm peachy undertone, it doesn’t have the typical white cast to it that frosted colors have. The texture is excellently soft and easy to blend and this could also work as a highlight color.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Semi-Sweet. (©

8. Semi-Sweet – Another versatile color in this palette. Like Salted Caramel and Milk Chocoloate, I mainly use this color to contour the crease or to blend out other colors for a more softer look. I also like to use it to darken the “outer V” sometimes. Semi-Sweet is a warm medium chocolate brown with slight reddish undertones and has a matte finish. It is excellently soft and easy to blend and the pigmentation is good but not among the best in this palette. Very versatile and one of the mostly used colors.

Strawberry Bon Bon

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Strawberry Bon Bon. (©

9. Strawberry Bon Bon – Now this color was quite a surprise! Before trying it out, just from the look of it in the pan and from the swatches I had looked up, I thought this might be the only color in this palette I don’t like. It is a light cool toned pink with a matte finish. Granted, it looks like a Barbie color. Normally I would dismiss it immediately, but thankfully I am always curious to try new things. So I recreated one of the looks that was featured in the little booklet – Semi-Sweet – and what can I say? It worked really well and I actually appreciate it very much now. Since it’s cool toned, it helps balance out the majority of warm toned colors in this palette. I also loved that pop of color it gave me, particularly with the Semi-Sweet look. It really brings out your eye color and placed above the pupil, it makes the eyes pop without looking like a doll. It also has a soft, buttery texture and is easy to blend and build up for the desired opaqueness. I am positively surprised. It’s one of the more special colors in this palette and helps you to create more looks than just the usual naked or nude ones.

Candied Violet

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Candied Violet. (©

10. Candied Violet – Stunningly beautiful. I can see why this color in particular is so many people’s favorite. It is the most special and outstanding color in this whole palette. Candied Violet is a cool and smokey kind of matte violet base with multi tone glitter. I can make out pink, purple, bronze and tiny green glitter particles (my goodness). It is rather cool toned, but still looks fabulous on my warm medium skin tone, I think it’s – like the palette itself – universally flattering on everyone. Though it has the least pleasant texture of all shades (not as soft and buttery as the others, dry and a bit chalky and more difficult to blend and work with), it is still the absolute eye catcher among the shades. Recently I did a smokey eye with this and used Maybelline’s Sapphire Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner and it turned out to be my most favorite look. I will do a tutorial on that one soon.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Amaretto. (©

11. Amaretto – Nice. Now that I’m looking at it, I regret not yet having created an own look starring this color. Amaretto is a warm medium to dark burgundy brown with a metallic finish, almost frosted like Marzipan. It is buttery soft, easy to blend and work with, and has nice pigmentation and staying power. Another very interesting color.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Hazelnut. (©

12. Hazelnut – Yummie. A beautiful warm medium to dark bronzy brown shade with a shimmery finish, but not as shimmery as Amaretto or Marzipan. It has more of a subtle shimmer with tiny micro-shimmer in bronze (which is very subtle once applied). Very good pigmentation and wonderfully soft texture with good color payoff and staying power. Ideal for a brown smokey eye.

Creme Brulee

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Creme Brulee. (©

13. Creme Brulee – One of the most beautiful gold shades I have seen. It’s a warm and rich darker kind of antique gold with a metallic finish. The pigmentation is the best in the palette. In general it’s outstanding. Soft and buttery texture, no visible fallout, great staying power, fabulous unique kind of gold shade. Stunning. I used it for one of the looks that came with the booklet (Haute Cocoa) and it really makes your eyes pop. This color would look absolutely beautiful especially on dark skin and very dark skin! In the Beauty Community Creme Brulee is among the most loved and most talked about colors in this palette.

Haute Chocolate

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Haute Chocolate. (©

14. Haute Chocolate – A dark warm bronzy chocolate brown with burgundy undertones and a metallic finish. This color also contains a small amount of bronze and burgundy glitter, but when applied, it is very subtle. The finish is more metallic than glittery. The texture is wonderfully soft and fine, yet it has very little to no fallout and rich pigmentation.

Cherry Cordial

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – CHerry Cordial. (©

15. Cherry Cordial – Another very unique and interesting color in this palette. Cherry Cordial is a warm toned dark brown with plummy undertones. The base is matte but the color contains very little multi tone micro-glitter. With my bare eye I could make out green, pink and golden micro-glitter. It gives a nice dimension to this rich burgundy shade without being too glittery. The texture is rather on the dry side and is not as pigmented as the other shades, but you can build it up. Again, one of the least pleasant textures to work with, but a really beautiful interesting color that adds variety to this palette.

Champagne Truffle

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Champagne Truffle. (©

16. Champagne Truffle – The second color that comes in a larger pan. It is ideal as a highlighter color under the brow bone and in the inside corner of the eyes. Like the name implies, it is a cool toned light champagne color with pink undertones and a frosted finish. It’s bright and almost seems to have cool lavender undertones in certain lighting conditions. Once applied, it’s fairly white with an almost golden metallic sheen.


The Chocolate Bar Palette offers a mix of 16 very wearable matte and shimmery eyeshadows in shades of brown, burgundy and pink/purple. What I like most about the colors is that they fall into the nude spectrum of natural colors, which make them ideal for everyday wear. At the same time, this palette offers at least a handful of unique colors that allow you to create more dramatic and bold looks. The shade variety makes this palette not as boring as many other natural eyeshadow palettes on the market.

Skin and Application:

While the quality can slightly differ in the more unique shades, it is still very good to excellent in the rest of the palette. The eyeshadows are soft to the touch with a creamy and buttery texture and silkiness comparable to the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay, but without the fallout. My overall impression was, that there was very little to no fallout at all.

Darker Skin Tones: I was also very impressed with the pigmentation. I have yet to try it out on dark skin tones, but with the exception of a few shades (again the “special unique ones mostly”), I can see this palette working on even very dark skin. The lighter shades in this palette in particular are among the shades with a lot of pigment, which I personally find very impressive (I had some pigmentation issues with some lighter colors in the Naked 3 Palette). Also from reading a lot of reviews from customers and beauty bloggers with dark skin, this palette seems to be one of the few highly marketed ones, that seems to be suitable for dark skin (along with the Lorac Pro Palette 1, for example).

A note on the side: There are a few brands out there that have a good shade range esp. when it comes to foundations, catering either very pale or very dark skin tones. Think of Mac, Bobbi Brown and some high end brands, i.e. YSL and Armani. If you have sensitive skin, try Bare Minerals (they too, have a wide selection of shades and even undertones). Although the quality of a lot of Asian foundations is excellent, the downside is actually the poor color selection. They are targeted towards light Asian and Caucasian skin tones. Unfortunately a no-go for dark skin tones.

Mature Skin: The versatility of colors and finishes, along with the pleasant texture and wearability, makes it ideal for mature skins too. Even the more unique colors are still wearable and look “grown up”, this applies to the finishes of the eyeshadows as well.

Application was very easy due to the fantastic texture, great pigmentation and little to no fallout. While the colors were soft to the touch, they still had enough “grip” to be working with them. Easy to blend, but not prone to over blending.

Rating and Recommendation: A/A+

  • High quality and a good amount of product for a decent price.
  • Suitable for every skin tone from pale to dark (which I find very impressive).
  • The colors are beautiful basic colors for everyday wear, but also contain a handful of more unique colors to create bolder and dramatic looks.
  • Nice mix of finishes, not too much glitter or shimmer – ideal for mature skin too!

Absolutely recommend for anyone! I really was very impressed with these eyeshadows and love the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette so much, that I can’t think of any cons.

Have you tried it? What are your experiences with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette?

I’d especially love to hear some feedback on this product from dark skin beauties!

Thanks for reading!



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