Welcome to SkinAndColors

Who I am, what I do and what I love

I’m Mirjam, pronounced like “Meer-yum” to the English speaking world.  Like countless other beauty bloggers out there, I too am absolutely fascinated with all things beauty so much, that I switched careers to become a licensed professional in the beauty industry.  Since I’ve always been passionate about makeup and preventing premature aging I finally decided to start my own blog on this subject.  Pretty late for someone who used to do lots of maintenance work of websites and social media appearances for living… oh well.  With a degree in literature and linguistics, I have always enjoyed writing very much.  So for me, it was only a question of time to start a new career AND start writing about it as well.  

To gain more professional knowledge, I completed an advanced aesthetics program (that included makeup artistry classes) and I now work as an independent licensed aesthetician and counter representative for both high-end skincare and makeup brands.  I am always trying to improve and gain more knowledge so I can make people feel beautiful and better about themselves.  And I absolutely love it! I am also an animal lover, particularly a cat fancier.  The ailurophile kind.  That’s why you will find me featuring my feline queens now and then. 

My kits and products

I have worked and was trained with a number of both professional and OTC products so my makeup kit consists of a variety of brands.  Of course, skincare depends very much on the place I am working at but I personally like and use a lot of PCA and SkinScript as well as Paula’s Choice products.

Personal favorites

My personal favorite makeup brands include luxury and high-end: Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel, Tom Ford, Paul and Joe, Bobbi Brown, Makeup Forever, Illamasqua, MAC.  I have a special love for Kat von D products being vegan and trying to slowly transition to mostly vegan products. Drugstore: Mostly Milani and Revlon.  To be honest it’s difficult to sum it up since I prefer certain brands for certain products.  It is very similar to how I like certain makeup artists for their signature styles.  However, for full disclosure, I will make sure to always mention sponsored posts (when I decide to do them), and will only feature a product that I genuinely like.  I haven’t done any sponsored posts yet, and as of now, I am not sure if I will because I can relate to and understand the critical perspective some readers might have regarding sponsored articles.  

I generally encourage everyone to enjoy and just play with makeup because at the end of the day it’s just color and you can wash it off! Hopefully in a proper double cleanse 🙂

Thanks for dropping by and reading!


– Mirjam

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