Confetti, Sparks and Golden Rays – The Glitter Toppers Set by Rainbow Honey. Review and Swatches.

Granted, it took me quite some time to get used to that nail art trend that has been going on for quite a while now. I used to be more into nude or classic colors and looks. Not long ago I would have refused wearing red either on my lips or nails. Luckily, I was soon convinced by a video tutorial of one of my most favorite makeup artists, Lisa Eldridge, to try out the orange lip trend and from there I went on. Isn’t a red lip a classic, and if applied right – classy look after all?

So, now I readily admit, that I really love a pop of color whether it’s on my face or on my nails. I just think all these bright colors and different textures are fun to wear. Colorful. Bold. Edgy. An instant mood booster!

One of my favorite brands when it comes to glittery nail polishes would definitely have to be Rainbow Honey. Their selection of quirky and unique glitter nail polishes is just absolutely adorable. So here is part 2 of my review on my recent Rainbow Honey order.

Click here to see swatches and a shade description

Beautiful Pastels and Glitter – The Sweet Talk Collection by Rainbow Honey. Review and Swatches.

Soft powdery pastels are the most feminine and romantic colors to welcome and embrace the Spring season. So for this year’s Easter holidays (and first days of Spring) I decided to not only dye some eggs, but paint my nails in some nice pastel colors as well.

Rainbow Honey was founded 2012 in New Jersey and not long ago I discovered them on It was love at first sight! Absolutely mesmerized by their beautiful pastel glitter nail polishes, I ordered two sets. Not only intrigued by their unique shades and glitters, I had also decided to try out some more independent makeup brands. It also appealed to me that Rainbow Honey’s nail polishes are free of “the big 3” (Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate) and that their ingredients are not tested on animals. Here is part 1 of my Rainbow Honey review.

Click here for pictures of swatches